What is Broga?

Designed to be a challenging workout for both men and women, Broga® simultaneously incorporates traditional yoga to open up traditionally tight areas like shoulders, hips and hamstrings. Expect a high energy session that will strengthen and tone your body in new ways, but also leave you feeling more flexible than ever before. Students see sports performance improvement in other areas and pain reduction from the very first class.


What have we been up to?

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Wet excited to be coming to @lovefitfestival this year to teach @brogauk the ORIGINAL FITNESS #YOGA on Saturday and Sunday on the main stage! Yoga for@me is all about using it to make… https://t.co/4qY5cKyppd

Friday #motivation when YOU work hard YOU will get the results you deserve A massive thank you to all our past and present members who have helped to create such a special team at SPFit. What will we achieve together by the end of the year? Namaste @brogauk @sherbornetimes

#TrainerTuesday 👉🏼A Broga Boss Kris taking over our Instagram account this week! Keep an eye out for this AWESOME teacher who has recently joined the Broga family!
I asked him for his motto and this one stood out for me “if it doesn’t challenge you ... it doesn’t change you”

Enter for your chance to #WIN a #yoga bundle from us and our friends at @brogauk! Enter now: https://t.co/oQvV5oAhPK #competition #giveaway

#MotivationMonday and did you know that Broga was originally designed for the male athlete? BUT it is a FANTASTIC workout for women and most importantly the perfect and accessible entry point into the world of Yoga!! 🙏👌🙏
Join us for a class ( interactive map - link in bio)

Enter for your chance to #WIN a copy of #Yoga For Men plus a tote bag from our friends at @brogauk! Enter now: https://t.co/jbYcOorse0 #broga #fitness #competition #giveaway #FridayFeeling

You have seen @manflowyoga ’s book featured on our #sundayschool sessions and now you can have a whole copy to yourself.
COMPETITION TIME - click out https://t.co/plPdj3yGUA

Broga is giving away 5 copies of Yoga For men & a tote bag with EACH copy. Got to be in it to win it!

#wednesdaywisdom - You don’t wake up to be mediocre! Let’s #kicksomeasana Broga family 🙏😘🙏

Come work those Broga vibes with us in a class near you! Can’t make class? No SWEAT, download a workout from our website (link in bio)!

#MondayMotivation - #kicksomeasana EVERY DAY with us 😘
BROGA is designed to be a challenging workout for both men & woman!

👉🏼Come join us in a class (nearest one to you would be located on our interactive map - click on our website!) https://t.co/bAUR8rIB0m.

#SundaySchool Brogi’s and we are checking out pages 103-102 of @manflowyoga ’s new book! ...
🐬 Dolphin 🐬
Everyone should break a sweat at least once a day, as dolphins burst through seas, and dive again, and rise, and dive. Get your Broga On and Do the Dolphin!#broga

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