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Broga was founded by larger than life former American football star and yoga loving Matt Miller.

When this southern California born super-heavyweight bodybuilding champ Matt (or “the Pillar” as we like to call him) is not filming fitness television shows like Fat Fighters on Channel 4, California Shape Up, or reporting on the NFL games for London Live television he is transforming the lives and physiques of his clients at his studio at the W Hotel in London.

On the mat he is smashing the “yoga is for girls” myth, and is a strong advocate of male athletes using yoga practice to be the best they can be. Increasing flexibility and teaching muscle groups to work in harmony reduces risk of injury and builds dramatically better athletes.

Matt will tell you that while Broga is a yoga practice engineered for the male athlete, it is a killer workout for women.

Matt is Yoga Fitness Instructor qualified and holds a degree in sports training and physiology from the National Association of Sports Medicine and a certificate of Advanced Nutrition from the University of California system.


Chris Magee

Broga Teacher

Court Stefanowicz

Court Stefanowicz

Broga Teacher

Alex Siebmans

Alex Siebmans

Broga Teacher

Over 1,000 Happy Practitioners!

Each day more and more people are realising the power of Broga

I took up yoga for the first time in 2013. I tried a number of other studios before discovering Broga. Once I did it, I was sold.


If you haven’t tried Broga yet you should! The instructors and facility are great. I have been practicing yoga for about a year and love it but was missing the feeling of a strenuous workout- Broga is the best of both! Unpretentious and awesome


Straight forward and very effective. Team Broga always brings a great, supportive vibe to this very accessible practice – much appreciated – Thank you!


I walk away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week.


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